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Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
a administrative law judge rules they should pay for two- thirds of the pipeline program. they had requested that customers pay 84%. the ruling is wholly inadequate and fails to recognize how much work needs to be done. >>> republican presidential nominee mitt romney is giving his running meat a grazie! re view after last night's debate with joe biden. >> the there was one person on stage that the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis and that was paul ryan. >> he also attacked joe biden's characterization of handing the attacks in libya. and president biden campaigned with his wife. >> i wisconsin. he appeared at the university of wisconsin. he reemphasized many of the points he made in last night's debate. this was the third campaign trip wisconsin this year. and if you thought the vice presidential debate was you ere rowdy check this out in southern california. that was 57-year-old brad sherman asking 71-year-old lawyer burrman. you want to get into this and you see an officer step between them. their house campaigns are reported to be the most expensive in the nation.
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. mayor lee says he's not happy about the outcome but will move forward. >> by law we are required to work together, and i will work together across the aisle as i've always done. >> we want to move forward, mend fences. >> interim sheriff says she will help with the transition. mirkarimi is expected to fully resume his duties on monday. >>> san francisco's da also waited on the mirkarimi matter today. as rob ross reports the da had a request about how the sheriff should go about his duties. >> san francisco district attorney george gas cone made this appeal today in a letter to newly reinstated sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> i am calling on ross mirkarimi to recuse himself from the duties in his office that relays to the custody, supervision, safety, and rehabilitation of the violence offenders. >> gascon recommends mirkarimi oversee all domestic violence matters. mirkarimi was convicted of a charge related to domestic violence. he has admitted to grabbing his wife's arm. >> there is no tout that ross has a clear conflict of interest when it comes to the management of domestic violence offend
Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. they take the allegation seriously and cooperating fulliy with law enforcement. >>> investigators are looking into what caused a car crash that killed a driver today. it happened before 11:00 from interstate 880 to highway 237. the driver of the toyota crashed into a concrete divider and the car burst into flames. the driver died at the scene. >>> continuing coverage, now, of the spike in bay area prices that went from bad to worse just overnight. in fact, since yesterday prices at the pump jumped nearly 20 cents here in california. industry analysts say several factors are to blame including the fire at chevron's richmond refinery and the shutdown of a pipeline into the bay area. according to triple a the average for regular unleaded gas hit $4.52. >> in san jose it is $4.54. it reached $4.60 in san francisco. as you can imagine the prices are making many bay area drivers extremely frusterated. >> every time it goes down refinery blows up and jack it back up again. it is is like it is on purpose or something. >> too high, too much, too much! >> the prices are taking a toll on sma
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3